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Cash Advances in Rowlett, TX

Most lenders refer to these as Payday Loans and like the name implies, these are designed to be short term loans that are repaid on the next payday. Most of these loans are under $1000 and instead of an official interest rate, they carry a set fee per dollar amount borrowed. This combined with the short loan term makes the effective APR quite high for this loan type. Still, these fees can be less than bank overdraft and late charges so take that into consideration. To qualify, you just need a few simple things. You will need a job, checking account, phone, and a social security number. The easy qualifications make these loans very appealing to those in Rowlett with less than perfect credit.

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Installment Loans In Rowlett

If you need more money and would like to pay it out over a longer time period, what you need is an installment loan. With a higher loan limit and monthly or biweekly payments, this loan many work for you if you have a larger emergency. You will need all of the same things to qualify as a payday loan but you might need a bit better credit.


  • What kind of fees are their going to be with a cash advance?
    The exact amount will depend on the amount that you borrow and your lender. All fees should be disclosed prior to your commitment. If you are at all unsure of the exact loan fee, do not sign anything until you are made aware.
  • Something else has come up, can I get a loan extension?
    Most lenders allow this but most will charge a fee. In general, you will need to pay the outstanding fee and then refinance the original balance. Be careful, this is an easy way to get into a loan trap. If you can, try to at least pay off some of the principal.
  • I have been rejected by local Rowlett banks and credit companies in the past. Can I get approved?
    These types of loans are the easiest to qualify for. This means that even those with bad credit will typically get approved.
  • When and how will the money be deposited?
    Expect your money to go into your account on the next business day. It will be deposited straight into your checking account. The payoff will likewise be deducted straight from your account.
  • The bank is closed on Monday, will I still get my cash?
    No, you will get your money on the next business day following a bank holiday.
  • Can I take out more than one payday loan?
    No, you can and only should take out one loan at a time. Taking out more will make you much less likely to be able to repay them.
Payday Loans & More In Rowlett
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