Plano, TX

If the unexpected has happened, you might be in need of a short term loan. One of the fastest forms of short-term loans is that payday loan or cash advance. At Lone Star Cash Services, we help consumers in Plano find the money that they need to deal with life’s little problems when they happen. Before we begin, take a minute and familiarize yourself with different loan types. If you are already familiar or when you are done, click on the Apply Now link and get a decision in minutes.

Cash Advance Loans

A very common type of loan that is also very easy to qualify for. All that you need is a checking account, a job, a phone number and a Social Security number. Even those with poor or bad credit can qualify for one of these loans making them readily available to just about everybody. The downside to these loans is that they do have rather high fees. Consumers are advised to weigh the cost of the fees vs late charges and bank overdraft fees that they would otherwise incur. If it makes sense to pay the payday loan fees or if no other source of funding is available, proceed with the loan. Use caution and only borrow what you need to get through your emergency or particular situation.

Installment Loans

When you need a larger loan with longer payoff terms, you will be looking at installment loans. These loans are commonly in amounts greater than $1,000 and can be stretched out for months. You will be required to make a monthly payments and sometimes bi-weekly payments. To qualify for these loans you will need all of the same things that you need for a cash advance but your lender may be a bit stricter with your credit.

Common Questions

  • How many loans can I take out at once?
    You should only take out one payday or cash advance loan at a time. Taking out more then one can cause you the major financial issues if and when you are unable to repay them.
  • How much will my fees be?
    The fees are based on how much you borrow and may vary from lender to lender. All fees should be disclosed to you before you commit to a loan. If you are at all confused about what you will have to repay, do not sign anything until it is made clear to you.
  • I have had credit issues in the past, will I be able to qualify?
    These are some the easiest loans to qualify for in Plano, TX. Most people will qualify for a loan as long as yoi have a checking account, a job and a valid social security number.
  • What if I cannot repay my loan when it is scheduled to be paid back?
    If you think that you will be unable to repay the loan on time, you should contact your lender as soon as possible. Some lenders may offer you a courtesy extension and some may offer to refinance the loan. Be careful, there may be additional fees when you extend a payday or cash advance loan.
  • I need my money fast, when will it be deposited?
    Most loans will fund the following business day. So if you schedule on a Tuesday, you will most likely have your money on Wednesday. If you schedule on a Friday, it will not be deposited into your account until Monday. Do note that banking holidays may delay your loan. If the next business day falls on a bank holiday, it will deposit the next day after the holiday.