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Loans May Not Be The Only Option

A loan is a fast and simple way to handle a problem with money but it might not be your only solution. Whether you live in New Braunfels or Burleson TX, there are other ways to get the money that you need without the expense of a loan. Check out a few of your options and see if they work for you.

Sell Something of Value

If you have some extra property laying around, selling it could yield you the cash that you need. This option is best for times when you only need a couple hundred dollars. That is unless you have some serious property laying around like a used boat or car.

As far as outlets for selling your property go, you have several choices. Some are better than others. Here are some places to consider.

  • Craigslist
    Everyone knows about this website because it has been around since forever. Craigslist is great because it is free and local. Get money fast, as soon as the same day if you find a local buyer in New Braunfels for your stuff.
    You must be careful with Craigslist though because scammers are everywhere. Only accept cash, try to never let someone come to your home and meet in a public place during daylight hours only.
  • eBay
    If you can wait a few days to get the money that you need, this website can help you get top dollar. It allows you to meet buyers nationwide and even around the world. This can get you a sale on popular items very quickly.
    The downside to using eBay to sell your item instead of going locally is that you have to deal with shipping and you have to give eBay a cut of the profit.
  • Pawn Shops
    Another way to sell your stuff fast is to go to a pawn shop. They do not just make loans, they will also buy your stuff outright. It can get you money fast and all you have to do is bring your property to one of the shops in New Braunfels.
    The negative about this option is that they will give you less than an individual buyer, If you need money fast though and do not want to deal with people, it could be a viable option.

Borrow From A Non Bank

Banks are not the only ones that can loan you money in New Braunfels. Take a look at some other sources of money and think about whether they might be an option.

  • Acquantances
    Your friends and family are a great resource in times of need. Hit one of them up for a small loan and get the money that you need interest free. Hard to beat zero interest.
    If you go this route, be sure to be considerate and treat this loan as seriously as if you were taking it from a bank.
  • Employer
    Did you know that many employers are willing to loan you money? That is right and especially true if you work for a smaller company. You have already earned the money that they would be loaning you, you would just be getting it a bit earlier than your regular payday.
  • Earnin
    There is a new app out there called Earnin that can also get you money for free or nearly free. New borrowers can get up to $100 and there is no fee, although they do ask for a tip.
    The problem with this option is the low amount of money that you can get. A hundred bucks does not go very far in New Braunfels. Also, they ask for a tip which can be costly. It is not required but if you never tip, you may eventually lose access to the app.

Borrowing From A Lender

If you ultimately must go with a lender, there are some things that you should consider doing.

  • Take Only What You Need
    The more that you borrow, the more that you will have to pay back so take just what you need. If you only need $200, take out just that amount and avoid getting extra just because you can qualify for it.
  • Shop Around
    Lenders set their own rates and you may be able to find a more competitive offer. Even the emergency loan offer you receive from one of our online lenders may not be the best rate that you can get. It pays to shop around both locally and online.
  • Have A Plan
    You need money but it does not pay to accept it unless you have a plan to repay it. If a loan does not fit into your budget, you should turn it down, it is as simple as that.
  • Plan For The Future
    Once you have taken care of this money emergency in New Braunfels, be sure that it does not happen again. Start putting money away into an emergency savings. Even if it is just $20 a paycheck, it will help. Over time, you will have the money that you need in a surprisingly well stocked account. Money adds up quickly as long as you do not touch it.