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If an emergency has happened and you need a fast loan, we can help with a quick quote. Even if you have bad credit, you still may be able to get an offer and get money in your account as soon as the next business day. Ready to get your offer. Get started now.

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Know Your Options

You have a lot of options in Leander when it comes to loans, even if you have bad credit. Take a look at all of your choices before making a firm decision on which type of loan is right for you. Let’s have a look at some possibilities.

Installment Loans

This is a great choice if you need some emergency money but you need smaller payments. Smaller payments will make it much easier to fit your loan into your budget. It can help you get caught up faster without the burden of a big loan payment.

This is the type of loan quote that you can get through the Lone Star Cash Services website. Keep in mind that we are not direct lenders, which is something that actually benefits you. Instead, we give you access to a very large lender network. There are more lenders so your chances of getting an approved offer are greater.

If you would like to purse this option in Leander, simply fill out the short quote form at the top of the page. With just a bit of information and two minutes of your time, you may be able to get an offer that can solve your problems.

Payday Loans

This is another option that can get you some money in a hurry but it has some negatives in addition to the positives.

Starting on the positive side, you can get up to 1000 dollars and you can get it fast. You can get your money in as soon as one business day and if you have a source of income and a checking account, your odds of approval are great.

The negative about a payday loan is that the fees are high and the loan terms are short. You will have to pay all of the money back in one payment which is usually just 10 to 14 days from the day you take out the loan.

A short payback period can be a problem because it does not give you a lot of time to get your affairs in order in Leander. If you can not get your money straight, you will probably have to renew the loan and that comes with, you guessed it, more fees. It can become a dangerous cycle. Every two weeks, you pay a new set of fees and renew the loan. All you pay is fees and you never get any of the loan principal paid off.

If you decide on a payday loan, be careful. Take as little as possible and make sure that you can pay the loan off in full on the due date.

Pawn Loans

Pawn shops are well known for issuing small cash loans. You simply put up a piece of valuable property as collateral and get a loan. You then pay the loan back, with fees and interest, and you get your stuff back.

The great thing about pawn loans is that you can get the money fast and your approval is virtually guaranteed. As long as the shop sees value in your property, you should be approved.

The biggest negative is the fact that loans will be small. A pawn shop is only going to give you so much of the value of your property. For example, put a $200 video game system in hock and you may only be able to get a loan for $50. Not a lot of money.

If you just need a few bucks to get you through, a pawn loan might do the trick. If you have bigger problems in Leander, it might not cut it.

Loan Apps

There is a new app on the market called Earnin. You may have heard of it. Basically, you download the app and enter your bank information as well as employment information. The app then uses the GPS in your phone to show that you were at work and earning money. You can then take advances on the money you have earned. It is a great little concept but it has some problems.

For starters, you can only borrow $100 to get started. If that is all you need, great. If you need a bit more, you are out of luck. The app says that you can eventually take out more money but it gives you no clear path on how to get there.

In addition, the app has come under fire for being a way for the lender to get around payday laws. While they do not charge a fee, they ask for a tip. The standard recommended tip can effectively put the interest rate percentage into the hundreds. You do not have to tip but if you never tip, you will eventually lose access to money from the app.

Making A Decision

Be sure to look at all of the options before you commit. If you think an installment loan might be the thing, check out the quote form at the top of the page. We can get you an offer in minutes, even with bad credit. Best of luck to you.

Learn about your money choices.
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