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Need a fast quote on a loan to handle a money emergency? We can help with that. At Lone Star Cash Services, we give you access to a huge network of online lenders. The lenders are used to working with bad credit, so you may be able to get an offer even if you have had some rough patches. Ready to see your loan offer? Start now.

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Getting Emergency Cash

Getting a loan to handle an emergency does not have to be that hard. Even with bad credit, you can get a loan in Hurst to handle your needs. When it comes to poor credit loans, you have two main choices. The payday loan and the installment loan. Both can get you the money that you need but there are some marked differences that you should know about. Take a look.

Loans Until Payday

Payday loans do just what the name implies, they give you money until you get paid again. You can get up to 1000 dollars and you pay it back with the next paycheck.

The beauty of the payday loan is that it is incredibly easy to qualify for. Just show the lender that you have a source of income and prove your identity and you have good odds of getting money. This is the reason that so many people depend on this type of loan for emergencies. If you have bad credit, there are not any easier ways to get money.

Another loan trait that people appreciate in an emergency is the fact that you get your money fast. An approval today could mean money in your Hurst bank account int he morning. Of course, deposits can get delayed by bank holidays and weekends but in general, these loans fund fast.

Now, on to the bad. Yes, the fees on these loans can be high. You probably already know that. The APR is over 500 percent in many cases. This is a high risk loan and high fees should be expected.

The real negative is the short loan term. You have to pay the loan completely back in about two weeks. That can put a huge strain on your budget and give you little time to get your money in order in Hurst. It is best to keep payday loans small to avoid issues, several hundred dollars at most.

Loans With Installments

An installment loan is another choice in Hurst, even if you have bad credit.This loan is not subject to all of the restrictions of a payday loan and has some key benefits.

The biggest advantage is the installment itself. You do not have to pay the loan back in one lump sum and that generally means smaller payments. These smaller payments might give you more time to get things back to normal in Hurst.

Another key benefit is that you can borrow more money several thousand dollars instead of several hundred. If you have a major financial issue, an installment loan is probably going to be a better choice, even with bad credit.

Choosing Your Loan

If you need just a few hundred dollars until payday and you have very bad credit, a payday loan is probably your choice. Just be very careful not to borrow more than you can pay off on your next payday.

Should you be unable to pay off your loan, you would be forced to roll it over and that would come with an entire new set of loan fees. Be careful.

If you need more than $1000 or need to break up your loan into smaller payments, an install loan might be for you. Even though you can get more money, you should still only borrow what you need. The more you borrow, the more interest you will pay.

In addition, make sure that the installment loan payment fits well into your budget long term. Do not just assume that you will have the money to cover your payment, do the math and know for sure.

After Your Crisis

After you handle your emergency in Hurst, you should give some serious thought to investing in your own security. Improve your credit and start an emergency savings account.

Fixing your credit is easy but will take a bit of time. In general, pay down your credit card balances and make your bill payments on time. Do those two things and good credit will come.

Savings account can be started with little to no money. Even $20 a paycheck deposited into a savings will add up. Save what you can so that you can avoid emergency loans in the future.

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