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If you need a fast quote on a loan to handle an emergency, we can help. Lone Star Cash Services is here to give you access to an extensive network of lenders, lenders that can work with bad credit. If you want to get an offer fast, just fill out one simple form and in minutes you will have your answer.

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Choosing The Right Loan

Before you commit to a loan, you should take a bit of time to look at your options. Even in an emergency, you usually have a few minutes to slow down and think. So, before you rush off and take the first cash loan that is thrown at you, let’s learn about your options.

1) Payday Loans

When it comes to emergency cash loans, this is probably what you think of first. It is a convenient option, that is for sure but it is one that has a lot of negatives to go with the positives. Let’s examine what you get with a payday loan in Georgetown.

Quick Money

The main benefit to this loan is that you get the money quickly and it is easy to apply for. Online loans can be fulfilled as early as the next business day. This helps you take care of an emergency very fast.

High Fees

To go with the quick money, you get some very high loan fees as well. A common example of a fee might be $20 for every $100 that you borrow. It might not seem like a lot but this makes the APR well over 500 percent in most cases.

Easy Approval

Getting an approval is also very easy with a payday loan. If you have an income, a checking account and have never defaulted on one of these loans before, you will probably get approved.

Short Loan Terms

Perhaps the biggest drawback of this type of emergency loan. You have to pay it back on your next payday, which could be just ten days away. That makes it hard to get caught up and easy to get caught in a loan cycle where you pay off one loan only to have to take out another.

2) Pawnshop Loans

The pawn business has always been a good business to be in. You get to charge high loan fees and you get to hold property as collateral. It is a win win for the lender. That being said, there is a place for these types of loans in an emergency if you have no other choices. Before you rush off to a Georgetown pawn shop, let’s take a closer look at what they offer.

Fast Money

Bring a piece of valuable property in and walk away with money, it is as simple as that. Approval is virtually guaranteed and you can get money the same day. How is that for convenience.

Lots Of Fees

Of course along with the convenience comes fees and interest. You will be charged interest plus a lot of fees. This may include both documentation fees and storage fees. These can add up in a hurry.

Limited Dollar Amounts

The loan amounts are limited by one simple thing, the value of the property that you bring in. A pawn shop is only going to give you a small percentage of the actual value of the item that you bring in, and that is of the used value. This limits most loans to around $100. If that is all you need, great, but if you need more, this loan is much less useful.

3) Title Loans

With a title loan, all that you need to have is a clear title to a vehicle. You then put the title up as collateral towards a loan. The lender will give you up to a certain percentage of the cash value of your auto for a loan. These loans are easy to get and you can often get money the same day. Sound good? Well before you rush off to a Georgetown title loan company look a little closer at what this loan entails.

Fast Easy Money

Yes, it is fast and easy money. If you have a clean title, you will probably be approved and you will most likely get the money on the very same day that you apply. That is a nice perk.

High Loan Cost

Despite being a secured loan, title loans have high fees and interest. Usually secured loans are lower in interest but this is not the case with a title loan. That makes it a winning loan, mostly for the Georgetown lender.

Your Vehicle Is At Risk

The biggest drawback with a title loan is that your vehicle will be in real jeopardy. Don’t make your payments and you had better believe that they will come and get it. You may need a loan now and things might seem bad, but what if you also lost your only means of transportation?

4) Installment Loans

Last, we have the installment or personal loan. This is an unsecured loan where you can borrow as little as $200 or as much as $50,o00. The loan is broken into installments that allow you to make overall smaller loan payments. The loan has some benefits, but like all bad credit loan options, it has a few negatives. Let’s investigate.

Fast Approval

It takes just a matter of minutes to get an approval on an installment loan in Georgetown and we can help. Just fill out the loan quote form at the top of the page and you can have a loan offer in front of you in just minutes.

High Interest Rates

Like all bad credit loans, installment loans are not immune from high interest rates. The riskier the loan, the higher they will be. The actual rate of interest will vary based on your qualifications, the amount that you want to borrow and the lender that makes the offer. You would need to get a quote to see your rate.

Putting It All Together

Before making a decision on what type of loan to pursue in Georgetown, do your research. Not every loan is right for every person and many of them involve a certain amount of risk. Only take out a loan if the risk and loan fees are worth the reward.

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