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Getting The Money That You Need

When you need fast money, you might think that your only choice is a payday loan but this is not always the case. Sure, a payday loan is easy to get approved for and will get you money in a hurry but it is not always the way to go. Get a loan quote, but before you make a final commitment, take a minute and think about your other options.

Getting The Money For Free

If there is a possibility of free money, you should look into it. Whenever you can avoid high loan fees, it is definitely worth doing. Free money seems like it is a dream but you never know. Here are some places that you can look to in Deer Park for free money.

  • Friends & Family
    This should be your go to source for a free loan. Your friends and family are often willing to give you money when you need it. If they have it and if they are willing to make you a loan, take it seriously. Get everything in writing and treat it just like you would a loan from a real bank. This means keep your records and make the payments on time and completely. Be professional about it and you limit the risk of burning a good relationship
  • Your J.O.B
    A lot of employers will allow you to take an advance on your pay. You have probably earned money towards your next check already and it only costs your boss a little extra paperwork. In any case, it never hurts to ask, so why not ask your boss if this is an option.
    Another way to borrow money from your job is to borrow from your 401K savings account. Now this can take a few days to process but if you can wait, you will get a low interest loan that you pay back to yourself.
  • Craigslist
    This is a fantastic source of free money if you use caution. Free might not exactly be accurate since you will be selling something but it is a great way to get money while avoiding loan fees in Deer Park.
    When you sell something, you need to first and foremost watch out for scammers. Never accept any kind of check or money order, cash only. Also always do a face to face meeting at a secure location. Choose some place that is busy and only make your sale during the day.

Taking An Emergency Loan

If a loan is what you end up choosing in Deer Park, you might have several options available to you. Here are the basics on your loan choices if you have bad credit.

  • Payday Loans
    The classic emergency loan for those with poor credit. These loans are easy to qualify for and allow you to get money fast. They do have high fees, which is to be expected with a high risk loan, but there is another problem. The loan has a very short term. You need to pay the loan back in about 10 days. That can make it hard to get your affairs in order in Deer Park.
  • Personal Loans
    A personal loan may be a bit harder to get than a payday loan but it is still a possibility, even with bad credit. With a personal loan, you will get more time to pay back the money and the repayments will be broken down into smaller installments. This can make it easier to manage and can even allow you to borrow more money to handle your need in Deer Park. On a downside, total interest paid will climb with this type of loan because you will be paying it for a longer term.
  • Title Loans
    These loans are also easy to get because they are secured. You place your car title up and get money in exchange. You then pay the loan back with interest and fees. These are relatively short term loans and although the interest is capped by the state, fees are not. Because of this, they are almost as expensive as a payday loan, plus, you could lose your car. Be careful with this type of loan in Deer Park.

Those are the big three of emergency loans in Deer Park. All of the loans are high cost but if you need money in an emergency, sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Always be sure to compare the cost of your loan to the cost of not having it before you proceed. If late fees are less, skip the loan. If the fees with the loan are less or you risk eviction or another grave consequence, a loan might be worth it.

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