Payday Loan Store Open Saturday

Emergencies do not happen only on weekdays. If you find yourself in need of money on the weekend, have no fear. You can get approval for a fast cash loan on Saturday too. By applying online for your loan with Lone Star Cash Services, you can get the ball rolling on the loan that will get you the money that you need.

If you need more information on cash advances, just keep reading. If you do not find the answer you need, be sure to contact us.

Saturday Payday Loan Approval

It is true, you can get approved for your loan on Saturday. All that you need is a job and a checking account. Once you get your approval, you will get your loan proceeds quickly. Most loans can be funded on the very next business day. Ready to see for yourself? Click on the apply online link to get started.

Common Questions

  • How long is the application?
    Very short compared to other loan types. It takes just minutes to apply.
  • Do I need a fax machine?
    No, you can complete all of your paperwork online in the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Do I need good credit to be approved?
    No, you may be approved for a loan even with poor to bad credit. The requirements for Saturday payday loan approval are not as tough as for a conventional bank loan.
  • Will I get a check?
    Your loan will be deposited directly into your checking account electronically. You will then have immediate access to your money.
  • I don’t think I will be able to pay back my loan on time, what should I do?
    Contact your lender and ask for an extension. Most loans can be extended but you should expect fees.
  • How much money can I take out?
    Most loans are for under $1000. Take out only what you need. The more you borrow, the more fees that you will pay.
  • How much are the fees?
    Fees are based upon the amount that you borrow. Be sure to read all of your loan docs to determine the applicable fees for your loan.

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