Lone Star Cash Services

At Lone Star Cash Services, we know that bad things happen. When they do, we are not always prepared for them. It is at times like these when you need access to fast money. If credit is a bit of an issue, you might think that your only option is to visit a local pawn shop in McKinney but wait. Before you sell your precious property, look into short term loans.

Cash Advances

These are sometimes also referred to as payday loans. They are short term loans designed to get you through an emergency. They provide fast cash with little credit requirements. In most cases, you simply need a job and a checking account to get approved. The best part about these loans is that they fund quickly. You can get your money as soon as the next business day, especially when you apply online. The bad part about these loans is that they have high interest rates. They are, of course, because of their very nature high risk loans. This means that lenders charge high interest rates. Be careful to only take out one of these loans as a last resort and borrow only what you need.

Installment Loans

If you need more than $1000 or need more time to pay a loan off, you should look into installment loans. These loans have longer payoff terms but they also have higher credit requirements and longer funding time. If time is of the essence, they may not be right for you.


  • Why are the fees high on Cash Advances?
    These are high risk loans so lenders tend to charge more money to make up for the risk. Always review the fine print of a loan before you commit to it.
  • How long will it take to get approved?
    If you apply online, you can get approved in a matter of minutes.
  • When will I get my money?
    If the next day is a business day, you may be able to get your money as soon as the next day. If you apply on a Friday, you may be able to get your money as early as Monday.
  • Do I need to have perfect credit?
    No, you can get approved even with what other realtors would call bad credit. Do not prejudge your ability to get approved.
  • Can I use a savings account?
    No, your lender will require that you use a checking account.