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Need a payday loan in Little Elm or even a personal loan? We can help by giving you access to a huge network of lenders online that can get you an offer, even if you have bad credit. Fill out the short form below and in just a few minutes, you could be looking over your offer.

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Looking For Options?

Even if you have bad credit in Little Elm, you might have options. Your two big choices are payday loans and installment loans. We can help you get a quote on an installment loan, even if you have bad credit, but let’s take a look at both loan types.

Payday Loans

About Payday Loans

First, you should know what a payday loan is and what it isn’t. A payday loan is a short term loan designed to get a borrower by until they get paid again. If you need a few hundred, up to a thousand dollars and can pay it back within two weeks, this might be a good loan for you. Looking for a long term loan that you can pay off over time? Then a payday loan is not your thing. All of the loans will be due within two weeks or less.

Qualifying For A Payday Loan

These loans have a few things going for them that make them perfect for emergency cash in Little Elm. First, they are easy to qualify for. If you have a job and a checking account, you should get approved. Decisions are quick and the loans payout quickly. As soon as the very next business day. Loans are deposited electronically, directly into your checking account so you can use it immediately.


Be sure that you are aware of two things with Little Elm payday loans. First, they have high fees that are based on the dollar amount, not an interest rate. The more you borrow, the more you will pay in fees. In addition, these loans have very short terms, typically under 14 days. If you can not pay the loan off in that time frame, do not take one of these loans out. You may be able to extend it but fees will apply.

Installment Loans

Another choice for you might be the installment loan. It requires a bit more credit but you can still qualify if your credit is bad.

The advantage to this type of loan is that you would get more time to pay the loan back and the payments would be smaller. The benefit to this is that it would allow you to fit the payment into your budget easier. You do not have to pay your loan back in one big lump sum. That will give you more time to get your financial affairs in order.

Of course, you need to consider the interest and fees. While the interest would generally be lower with an installment loan, you will be paying it for a longer time so it will add up. All bad credit loans will cost you more than the same loan if you had a better score, that is just the way it is.

Making Your Choice

When it comes to deciding which loan to take, the choice is simple, go with an installment loan if you can qualify. It takes just a minute or two to see if you can get an offer. If approved, you will have a loan that is easier to manage. Generally lower payments stretched over a longer period.

As a last resort, if you can not qualify for an install loan in Little Elm, you can consider a payday loan. You will pay dearly for it but, if it is an emergency, you have to do what is necessary. Just be sure to borrow only what you need to get you by. The more you borrow, the greater the amount of fees that you will have to pay.

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If you are looking for a loan in Little Elm, read this first. See what your short term loan options are and their alternatives.

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