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Bad things happen to good people and when they do, unfortunately, we are not always prepared to handle them. That is where we come in. At Lone Star Cash Services, we can get you access to the money that you need to handle life’s emergencies. Whether you just need a couple hundred dollars to get through until your next payday or if you need $700 or more. Let us get you going in the right direction by getting you a free quote from our loan network.

Cash Advances in Lewisville

Money tree in Lewisville, TX.In most cases, this is the option that is going to work for you. Cash advances have a number of advantages. They require little credit, they fund quickly, they can deposit right to your account and you can even apply online. They also have a few cons that you should be aware of. For starters, the interest rate charged is very high. These are high risk loans and lenders, unfortunately, need to charge accordingly. They are also meant to be paid back quickly so if you need a loan longer than a few weeks, they are probably not right for you. Still, when you need money fast, a cash advance is hard to beat in Lewisville.

Of course, before taking out any loan, you need to consider all of your alternatives. Can you get the money somewhere else? Check with your boss to see if you can get a direct advance. Ask friends or family if you can borrow a few hundred dollars. Possibly even sell something that you do not need like an extra television or video game system. Another alternative is to see if you can put off a bill. Many creditors, for example, will allow you to make an interest only payment. Auto loan companies might also allow you to ski or defer a payment.

After considering all of your options, if a loan is still right for you, get a free quote with the short form above.

Lewisville Installment Loans

If you have excellent credit, you might look into installment loans. These loans can get you more money and have longer payoff terms. You will need to have good credit to qualify and they may take longer to fund though so many may not be able to use these as an option.

Still, if you can get one, an installment loan is a great thing. You can get more money and will have much longer to pay it back This can help you really get ahead of your finances.


  • Why is the interest so high?
    Payday loans charge fees which converted into interest are very high. These are high risk loans and lenders would not issue them in Lewisville if the reward were not high. Always find out all of the fees before you commit to a loan.
  • When will I know if I am approved for a loan?
    If you apply online, you will get your approval in just a few minutes in many cases. Once approved, you will get funds deposited super fast. In most cases, loans will be funded the next business day.
  • When will I get my cash in my account
    In many cases, the money will hit your checking account on the very next business day. Holidays and weekends may delay funding.
  • My credit is not good, will I get approved?
    It never hurts to try. Many people are approved with less than perfect credit.
Lewisville are payday and installment loans.
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If you need an installment or a payday loan in Lewisville, you should read this article first.

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