We hear this all of the time. Unexpected expenses like car repairs or emergency medical or dental bills can be a real challenge. If you need a little extra money, you can always apply for a payday loan. Of course, there are other options, some of which may be cheaper. Let’s take a look at some of these options before you commit to taking out an expensive payday loan.

  1. Sell some items on craigslist.
    Got an extra television or other item that you do not need. Turn it into quick money by listing it on craigslist. You can typically sell it within hours, especially if it is a hot item like furniture or washing machines.
  2. Sell some things on eBay.
    Another option to sell extra, unneeded items to a much bigger audience. Of course, there are extra fees with this choice and it can take longer to get your money. List items with a “buy now” option to avoid have ing to without through a 7 day auction.
  3. Look for an auto repair center that issues credit.
    Many auto repair centers will let you finance the repairs. Know why? Because if you default on a loan for auto repair, they can come get your vehicle. So, be sure to pay up if you choose this option.
  4. Borrow from friends and family.
    Never the easiest route but certainly the cheapest.
  5. Advance from work.
    Many employers will advance you money on your paycheck, especially if you have already earned the money.
  6. 401K Loan.
    Have a 401K at work? Use it to finance your auto repair with minimal interest and easy payments.

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