If you are in Grand Prairie and are facing an emergency expense, you may be in luck. Lone Star Cash Services is here to give you an option that could put several hundred dollars in your bank account quickly. That option is a cash advance loan. These are loans designed to be easy to qualify for and to fund quickly. If you are already familiar with these loans, apply online now. If not, please take a minute and learn what you need to know about them.

Cash Advances

So what exactly is a cash advance? Well, it is a loan that is designed to get you by until your next paycheck. This is why they are commonly called payday loans. They have a number of good points as well as a few negative ones.

First, the good. These loans are very easy to qualify for, making cash accessible for those who would not qualify for conventional funding. Second, they fund quickly with money often being deposited on the very next business day. Lastly, they are quick to apply for with no heavy paperwork requirements. You can get approved in just a matter of minutes.

Now, for the bad points. First, these loans are limited to a few hundred dollars with amounts rarely exceeding $1000. If you need a large loan, these are not for you. Second, these loans have high fees. When expressed as interest rates, they are in the hundreds. This means that you should only use these loans as a last resort. Before committing, look at all of your other options.


  • Why are the fees so much higher than other loans?
    Mainly because of risk and reward. The risk is higher so lenders demand a higher reward.
  • When can I get money?
    Most people will have money deposited within one business day but it may take longer.
  • What if I can not pay back my loan on time?
    Contact your lender and ask for an extension. Keep in mind that there will be fees, based on the outstanding principle. Pay off any amount that you can to lower fees.
  • Must I have a checking account?
    Yes, a savings account will not do. You will need a checking account to qualify.
  • What if I am out of work?
    Sorry, you must have a job in order to prove that you will be able to repay the loan.