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Emergency Loan Options

When it comes to short term loans, you have two main choices in Frisco, a payday loan and an installment loan. Both can get the job done but they are very different loans. Take a second and see the differences for yourself.

About Cash Advance Loans

Cash advances, often called payday loans, are short term loans for amounts typically of less than $1000. They are meant to get borrowers through a sudden financial emergency. They do this by being easy to get approved for and funding quickly. There is probably no quicker way to get money in a hurry.

Qualifying is very easy. The two main requirements to be approved for a payday loan are that you have a verifiable income and a checking account. With those two things, most people will be approved, even with less than perfect credit. Because of these easy qualifications, cash advances are often the only source of emergency funding for many people.

Payday loans can be a great way to get money in a hurry, but they come with their own set of risks. Be careful and know what you are getting yourself into so that you do not get into trouble. Here are a few key facts that you should know.

  • Fees can be high. The fees for payday loans can be quite high when compared to other loans. These are high risk loans for lenders to issue, so they charge higher fees to make up for the risk.
  • Loan terms are short. With due dates of less than two weeks, these are extremely short term loans. You should be sure that you are able to pay off the loan in that time frame.
  • Loans can be extended. They can be extended but this comes with fees. By extending your loan, you risk getting trapped in a loan cycle. If you must delay paying the loan back, try to at least pay back a portion of the loan.

About Installment Loans

Installment loans make great alternatives to payday loans in Frisco. They have a lot of benefits including the fact that the payments are stretched out over a longer period. This can make the loan repayment much more manageable.

Another benefit is that you can get much more money because these loans are not subject to the same legal regulations. This can help you if you need to deal with a larger financial problem.

Installment loans are just like any other loan though, with bad credit, you are going to pay more in interest and fees. Keep that in mind. No loan is cheap when you have bad credit.

Because of this fact, you should only consider one of these loans if you absolutely need the money. Do not even consider taking out a loan for something that is a non necessity item. The financial cost is just not worth it. A loan to fix your car, sure. A loan to buy a new TV, no way.

Alternatives To Loans

Before signing the loan documents on any loan, consider your free choices. I am sure that you would agree that free money is always the best money.

First, ask some of your friends in Frisco if you can borrow some cash. Sure, it hurts to suck up your pride but if it puts you in a better financial position, why not.

Next, consider selling something. We all have junk around the house that we can sell. Things like electronics and phones go quickly. There are even cell phone kiosks where you can get instant money for your phones.

Last, think about whether you need the loan money right now. If you can wait a bit, you might have time to save, cut your bills, etc. There are a lot of ways to come up with cash if time is not pressing.

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If you are deciding on how to get money to deal with a short term financial problem, you have some important decisions to make. This article can help you if you live in Frisco. See your choices and alternatives to a loan.

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