If you need money and need it now, one of the best ways to get it is with a fast payday loan. Payday loans are short term loans that are easy to get approved for, have short applications and fund quickly. The fastest way to get your money is by applying for a payday loan online. If you are ready to do so, proceed. If you need to learn more about these loans, just keep reading and we will give you some quick information that you might find useful. You can also apply by phone @ (469) 801-9854 if you have questions about the whole process.

Payday Loans

So what exactly is a payday loan and what makes it the best source of fast money in Dallas? A payday loan, sometimes called a cash advance is a loan that is designed to get you by until your next paycheck, thus the name. These loans are usually for amounts of under $1000. The great thing is that they have minimal credit requirements meaning that you can get one even if you have poor credit. In addition, the application process is quick and they fund as soon as the next business day. To qualify for the loan you just need to have a social security number, a checking account and a job. That is it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the application?
    Short, you can complete it in about 5 minutes, in most cases.
  • When will I know if I am approved?
    You will get your approval within minutes of completing your application.
  • Do I need a checking account?
    Yes, lenders deposit money directly into your account. They also get your repayment directly from this same account so it is a requirement.
  • Can I get more than $1000?
    Check with your lender once approved. You may qualify for other loan programs for higher amounts with longer terms.
  • What if I can not pay my loan back on time?
    If you discover that you will come up short again on payday, contact your lender right away. For a fee, they can extend your loan or refinance it. To prevent this from happening again, you should try to pay off at least a portion of your principal.
  • Don’t payday loans have high fees?
    Yes, because of the risky nature of the loan, they do have high fees. They can be over 400% APR in many cases when you factor in the short loan terms. Still, they can be an option when you have no other source of money.
  • Do payday lenders report to credit bureaus?
    They typically only report your loan to a bureau if you were to default on one.

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