Sometimes, everyone finds themselves in a situation where they need a little extra money. If this is your situation and you live in Highland Village, we may be able to help you. Even if you have bad credit, one of the lenders in our group may be able to help you with a loan offer. Let’s find out, it just takes a minute or two and there is no obligation.

A stack of money in Highland Village.

Get Your Emergency Loan

We make it easy for you to get an offer for an emergency loan. You can even do it all online and get started right away. Here is how it works

  1. First, you will need to complete the form which is conveniently located at the top of the page. No need to worry about long tedious forms. It will take you just a couple of minutes at most to enter some very basic information about yourself and your income.
    The form also uses secure encryption to protect your information.
  2. Once you complete the form, read the terms and then submit your information to the loan network. Once in the network, you will be considered for a loan and you may be able to get an approval even if you have bad credit. The network is made up of lenders all across the country, not just those in Highland Village. More lenders equals more chances for an approval.
  3. If approved for a loan, one of the lenders will make you an offer. In most cases, you will be forwarded to their website to review the process and potentially accept your offer. Once there, you should take every opportunity to review all of the information. Make sure that you understand just what you are getting yourself into. Even if you are in a rush for money, now is not the time to hurry.
  4. Should you decide to accept your loan, you can do everything online. Once you complete the process, your lender will get to work getting you your money. In most cases, you will have the money that you need directly deposited into your checking account in Highland Village by the next business day.
  5. Once you have your money, your next task is to go about handling your financial issues in Highland Village. Once done, your next task is to repay the loan. Make sure that you have money in your account when the payment or payments are due. Most loan payments will be automatically withdrawn from your account, so be prepared.

Your Loan Choices

While an emergency loan can get you the money that you need, it is not always the only choice. So, before you commit to a loan, especially if you have bad credit, you should look at your other choices. Here are some other choices that you might have in Highland Village that do not involve interest or fees.

  1. Sell Something
    Selling some property, especially if you do not need it, is always a smart way to come up with some money. Things like gold, jewelry and even tools can fetch a nice offering price.
    As far as places to sell this stuff go, you can sell the stuff online, on local markets such as LetGo or Craigslist or even at retailers such as pawn shops. There are not a lot of pawn shops in Highland Village, but you are very close to Lewisville where there are plenty.
  2. Borrow From Friends
    If you can pull this one off, it is the best of all. A free loan is, after all, the best loan there is. Just be sure to pay the money back just as soon as you can and get it all in writing. A record of how much you borrow, how much to be repaid and a record of your repayment should be kept.
    If you do not have anybody locally to borrow from, consider using a wiring service such as Zelle. It can let you get money from someone in Sherman just as easy as someone in Highland Village.
  3. Use A Lending App
    These days apps can even help you get some money in a hurry. Services like Earnin and Brigit can get you access to fast money. Be careful though, these companies are in it to make money and nothing is truly free.
  4. Skip The Loan
    One final consideration that should be made is whether you really need the money at all.
    First, separate the want from the need. If you need money for food, that is one thing. If you want money for concert tickets, that is something else.
    Also, consider what bills can be put off. Many loan companies, for example, will allow you to skip a payment or make an interest only payments. Other bills like gyms or cable services could simply be put on hold.

To Finish Up

When an emergency comes up and you need money, you may have more solutions than you think. Be sure to think things through and choose the best option for you. Sometimes it may be a loan, sometimes it may not. Whatever the case, if you choose a loan, remember that loans are to be used for short term emergencies only. They should never be a part of a long term financial solution or plan.