Dealing With Expensive Auto Repairs

Dealing with auto repairs.

If your vehicle is out of warranty, there is nothing worse than an unexpected car repair. It is one of the many reasons that people take out emergency loans in Texas. Emergency Loans might not be your only option though. Take a look at some other possible solutions that can help you get to have a working vehicle again.

Get Free Trouble Code Reading

If your check engine light on, it is a very worrisome thing. That pesky little light could be anything from a minor nuisance to a full blown catastrophe in the making. Unfortunately, you will not know until you get the code red.

If you take your car or truck straight to the mechanic to get the code read, you are at the mercy of your mechanics honesty. Even if it is something minor and they are honest, you will still be charged for them to read the code. Instead, why not had over to your local auto parts store. Many will read your code free of charge. Autozone is a major store that offers this service in many cities in Texas from Corsicana all the way up to Duncanville.

A free code reading could clue you in on a minor repair that you could have possibly done yourself. That alone can save you hundreds of dollars. If the problem is major, it can also let you know what it is before you go to the mechanic. That can put you on solid ground when it comes time to read the repair estimate.

Bottom line, even if you plan to have any work done at a mechanic, get the code read for free so that you go in as a knowledgeable consumer.

Trade Your Vehicle In

If your car or truck is in need of repair, perhaps now is the time to trade it in on something newer. If you can clear the problem and the check engine light before you go, all the better but even if you can not, a dealer will buy your vehicle.

Trading in a vehicle can get you a more reliable form of transportation and you can often do so without even putting money down. Worse case scenario, you have to put a little cash down to get approved but it may be less than you would have had to pay to fix your old ride.

Stay Away From The Dealer

If you have ever had a car repaired at an auto dealership, you know that they are pricey. People think that the mechanic at the dealer will be the most experienced but this is not necessarily the case.

Sure, if you have a car under warranty, you should take it to the dealer. They may know a bit more about the latest technology but once a vehicle goes out of warranty, the tech has been around for some time. This means that most mechanics will be up on it and can handle your repairs.

Non dealer repairs can be as much as half the cost of a dealer repair. In addition, you are far more likely to be able to negotiate the price at a non dealership mechanic.

Mechanic Direct Financing

A lot of mechanics will offer cash financing on their own repairs. They can do this with little fear because your vehicle itself will be the security on the financing. If you default on the loan, they can take your vehicle and sell it. This makes it similar to a title loan except for the fact that the terms are usually much much better. Many mechanics may even offer interest free financing for a set period.

Put The Word Out

Last but not least, you can always put the word out that you could use a little help with auto repair. Facebook is just the place to do it. make a post asking if anyone knows anything about your type of car and you might just find a friend of a friend who is a shade-tree mechanic.

There is nothing better than free auto repair.

Wrapping Up

When it is all said and done, an emergency cash loan might be the way that you have to go but it pays to explore your options before you commit to anyything bearing interest and/or fees.

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