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If you find yourself in need of payday loans in Addison we are here to help. These types of loans are designed to help you get through life’s little emergencies. Select how much you need to get started or keep reading to learn more.

Money from Addison payday loan.

Payday Loans in Addison

Also called cash advances, these loans are designed to just what the name implies, get you thru until your next payday or paycheck. These are short term loans with terms of under 14 days in most cases. The good thing about these loans is that they are easy to apply for, fund quickly and just about anyone can qualify for them. They allow even those with bad credit access to emergency funds. They do have high fees however and you should be aware of them. Still, when you need emergency cash and have no other source, these loans can serve a valuable purpose.

Payday Loan Alternatives

Addison Installment Loans

If your credit is a fair to good, you might be able to qualify for an installment loan. These loans are for amounts greater than $1000 most of the time. They will have longer payback terms and will require monthly and sometimes biweekly payments. The great thing about this option is that you will have longer to pay back the loan so you will have longer to get your finances in order.

Borrow From Family

If you have family members or friends that can help, this could be a great option. You have to be careful about hurt feelings but a free, interest free loan is always the best choice. If you go with this choice, treat it like a real loan and pay it back ASAP.

Sell Your Stuff

You probably have some stuff hanging around your house that you do not need. Old cell phones can be sold to websites like Gazelle, jewelry can be traded in at a Gold & Silver store and just about everything else can be sold locally in Addison on Craigslist.

Qualifying For An Addison Loan

To qualify for payday and cash advance loans you will just need a few things. You will need a checking account, a job, a phone number and a social security number. Bad credit is almost never a problem. Payday lenders serving Addison typically use alternative credit checking systems other than the big three bureaus.

Commonly Asked Loan Questions

  • I have bad credit, can I qualify?
    Yes, you can get a cash advance even with poor credit. Most lenders use alternative credit checking systems. As long as you have not defaulted on a payday loan, you should be good to go.
  • How long will it take to get my money?
    You should have your finds on the very next business day most of the time. Lenders understand that these loans are for urgently needed money.
  • Do I need to fill out a lot of paperwork?
    No, the application process is simple and if you complete it online, you can just sign digitally in most cases. Occasionally lenders may need to contact you by phone however so use a good working phone number.
  • What if I find myself unable to pay back the loan?
    If you find that you are coming up short before your loan is due, you need to call your lender ASAP. They can refinance your loan but this will cost you a fee. To avoid future trouble, try to pay back at least a portion of the loan principle.
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