About Us

Lone Star Cash Services is here to help consumers meet their short term financial needs. We do that by giving them access to online lenders in our network.. We also do this with a word of caution. Payday and Cash Advance Loans carry with them an inherent risk. One should always use caution when entering into these types of agreements. Here are some things that we would like you to know.

  1. These Loans Have Short Terms
    They are designed to be paid back within 2 weeks in most cases. That is why they are called Payday Loans, they are there only to get you by until your next paycheck.
  2. The Effective APR Is Very High
    What is effective APR? Well if you were to take the fee and factor in the short term of the loan you would see that the actual APR is in the hundreds. This is because lenders need to make a profit on their money and these loans are risky. If they charged you say 20% APR, a high credit card interest, the amount that they would receive in 2 weeks when the loan is paid back would be trivial. It would make these loans unprofitable and lenders would not get into the business.
  3. Never Take Out Too Much
    Always take out just what you need and nothing more. Take out too much and you might not be able to repay it, so no buffer money.
  4. Never Take Out More Than One Loan
    This could get you overextended and take you to a place where you will never catch up.

In short, payday and cash advances  serve a useful purpose but they bring with them risks. Be careful and use them wisely.

-Lone Star Cash Services